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@ What sets Ascent apart from our competition is the experienced and knowledgeable management and engineering team that is the backbone of a highly flexible, creative organization.

Steady, stable growth is a prime concern at Ascent coupled with talent, hard work and a dedication to Quality. Nowhere is Ascent's expertise in developing innovative products more evident than in its world class capabilities

Ascent has seasoned industry professionals, averaging 25 years of hand-on experience in manufacturing operations. Quality, Cost and Productivity are attained through Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and  advanced statistical techniques coupled with the latest technology in equipment. Every step is carefully planned and completely monitored to ensure compliance with the highest standards.

Ascent provides you with a personalized "Just-In-Time"(JIT) delivery system.
To minimize your inventory requirements and optimize use of your floor space, Ascent provides both Hub and Value Add Assembly and Integration local to your operation. JIT reduces lead time, tooling and production costs from Asian sources.

It is Ascent's ties to Asia, expertise in product development, manufacturing and experience with the West that places Ascent among the new breed of companies poised to lead in the future. Our overseas operations are more than just extensions of Ascent, they are independetly run offices managed by local professionals that offer highly personalized service and local expertise. With unwavering principles and steady management we are pursuing our goal of continual progress.

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